African Deposits Round V| 20,000USDT Airdrop Bonus Awaits You!

2 min readApr 1, 2024

We are glad to announce a new round of deposit events is coming now! This event still focuses on CoinW African users with more accessible thresholds, innovative methods for participation, and enhanced bonus settings, so anyone who wants to win any REAL USDT bonus can join this event!

Event Duration:

  • Start: April 1st
  • End: April 27th

Event Structure:

1. Welcome Bonus for New Traders

  • Aimed primarily at encouraging new users to join CoinW.
  • New users get a signup bonus of 20 USDT after completing KYC verification.

2. Daily Trading Safari

  • Participants deposit and trade a minimum of 30 USDT daily, considering the financial diversity across the continent.
  • Each qualifying action enters the user into a daily draw to win 15 USDT, recognizing consistent participation.

3. Weekly Warriors Challenge

  • Every week, the challenge escalates. Starting with a 50 USDT deposit in the first week, and increasing by 20 USDT each subsequent week.
  • Engage in at least one trade in any market (Spot, Futures, ETFs) to qualify.
  • Top 100 performers with the highest trading volume at the end of each week share a pool of 2,500 USDT.

4. Progressive Growth Challenge

  • Encourage users to surpass their previous highest deposit during the event.
  • Beating the previous record by at least 20 USDT earns a 5 USDT bonus.
  • Designed for the first 500 qualifiers weekly, fostering a spirit of personal progress.

5. The African Titans

  • Reserved for high-commitment traders, deposits starting from 300 USDT qualify.
  • Match the deposit with trading volume in any market to access an elite bonus pool of 3,000 USDT, shared among the top 30 Titans.

6. Social Stars Program

  • Users generate content on social media about their trading strategies and win on CoinW
  • The top 50 creative and engaging posts weekly share 1000 USDT.
  • Comment your social link blow this post on Twitter with your CoinW UID:


  • Any trading forms count Spot, Futures, and ETFs.
  • Special attention to our African community: every deposit guarantees your entry!
  • Maintain your balance with us throughout the event for eligibility.
  • Beware, withdrawals may void your quest for bonuses.
  • A single chance per warrior — make your mark count!

Participate, Prosper, Parade your expertise with CoinW, and push beyond your limits! This is an opportunity to elevate your trading journey and make real gains. Your success is what we celebrate — let’s raise the toast to new fortunes this festive month.

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