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3 min readApr 23, 2024

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Join us for the exclusive Prosperity Trading Spectacular event -30,000 USDT Future Bonus Pool — tailored to provide an abundance of privileges to our esteemed audience. Experience a world of trading like never before, brimming with unparalleled bonuses, exciting rewards, and valuable insights that will enhance your trading skills and strategies.

Event Duration

Embark on this unparalleled journey from April 23rd, 2024 to May 16th, 2024.

Participation Guidelines

To partake in the Prosperity Trading Spectacular, ensure that you are a duly registered participant with a validated KYC verification.

Simply log in to your CoinW account, venture to the event page, and seize the myriad of opportunities that await you!

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Lucrative Airdrops

  • We are excited to offer a fabulous 20 USDT future bonus giveaway for all CoinW users who have completed C2 KYC verification and registered within the last 6 months.
  • Additionally, African users have the opportunity to complete the primary KYC to claim the airdrop before May 12th. The airdrop will be distributed before May 12th, so don’t miss out!

Welcoming New Traders

  • 20 USDT Future Bonus: Upon joining CoinW and registering to kick-start your trading journey, you will instantly receive a future bonus of 20 USDT.
  • Extra 30 USDT on Activation: Activate your account by trading Spot, futures, or ETF for at least 3 days during the event to earn an additional 30 USDT future bonus.
  • Consistency Reward: Trade for 5 days within the event period to secure an extra 20 USDT future bonus, reaching a grand total of 70 USDT future bonus for our new participants.

Rejuvenating Rally

  • 20 USDT Future Bonus: For our members taking a break, we offer a 20 USDT future bonus to reignite your trading journey. Make your first trade or deposit during the event to claim your bonus.
  • Back-in-Action Bonus: Complete a trade or deposit within the event to receive an additional 20 USDT future bonus.

Loyalty Leaps

  • 30 USDT Future Bonus: Our loyal traders, active for at least 3 days before the event, will be rewarded with a 30 USDT future bonus.
  • Engagement Enhancer: Sustain your trading activity for 5 days during the event to enjoy an extra 20 USDT future bonus as a token of our gratitude for your loyalty.

Trading Triumphs

  • Initial Trade Bonus: Haven’t traded in 7 days? Place any trade during the event for a 10 USDT future bonus. Maintain the momentum for the next 5 days to gain an additional 20 USDT.
  • Voluminous Victory: Elevate your trading to achieve 3000 USDT in total trading volume, or accumulate 700 USDT in deposits while making at least one trade, to indulge in an additional 40 USDT future bonus.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Complete your C2 KYC verification to ensure a secure and seamless trading experience for all participants.
  • Bonuses and rewards will be credited to your account within 7 days post-event.
  • All airdropped bonuses are valid for 7 days from the issuance date, so let the prosperity commence!

Make the most of this opportunity and carve out your path to a prosperous future with the Prosperity Trading Spectacular!

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