CoinW Africa October Highlights: A Month of Achievements and Initiatives

3 min readNov 7, 2023

As October fades into history, CoinW Exchange proudly looks back on a month filled with remarkable activities, milestones, and initiatives. From partnerships to product launches and engaging discussions, the exchange has been at the forefront of the crypto and blockchain space. Let’s take a comprehensive journey through CoinW’s October achievements.

Partnership between CoinW Africa and Afibie

The month kicked off with an exciting partnership between CoinW Africa and Afibie. A knowledge-sharing session, titled “Expert Tips on Trading,” was held within the CoinW Africa Telegram group. It brought together trading enthusiasts and experts to share insights and strategies, providing a valuable learning experience for all participants.

CoinW Bigtime ETF Launch

CoinW Exchange continued its commitment to innovation with the launch of the “CoinW Bigtime ETF.” This move further diversified investment options for the exchange’s users, offering opportunities to explore different assets and strategies.

CoinW African Collegiate Program for Nigerian University Students

CoinW’s commitment to education and empowerment took center stage with the launch of the “CoinW African Collegiate Program.” Designed for Nigerian university students, this initiative provides access to educational resources, mentorship, and real-world insights, empowering the next generation of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

eKYC Launch in Nigeria

In a significant step towards streamlined user onboarding, CoinW introduced eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) verification in Nigeria. This enhancement simplifies the registration process, ensuring a seamless experience for users while maintaining the highest security standards.

CryptoTalk with CoinW Episode 1: Twitter Space Discussion

CoinW Exchange continued its tradition of engaging and informative discussions with the launch of “CryptoTalk with CoinW.” The debut episode, hosted on Twitter Space, featured insightful conversations on the pressing question, “Is the Bullrun Here?” Prominent industry figures and experts shared their perspectives on the current state of the crypto market.

Twitter Panel Discussion on Crypto Investment Strategies

Another highlight of the month was the Twitter panel discussion, focusing on “Crypto Investment Strategies.” The event brought together seasoned investors, traders, and experts to explore various strategies, risk management techniques, and the art of decision-making in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

CoinW Ambassador Program Launch

CoinW introduced an Ambassador Program, inviting enthusiasts and advocates to represent the exchange. Ambassadors will play a pivotal role in spreading awareness, education, and the benefits of CoinW within their respective communities and networks.

CoinW Future Bonus Airdrop

As a token of appreciation to its community, CoinW distributed Future Bonus Airdrops. This initiative provided users with additional benefits and incentives for their continued support and engagement.

Partnership with Theasisx LTD

CoinW Exchange strengthened its global presence with a partnership with Theasisx LTD. This collaboration holds promise for expanding opportunities and services for CoinW users.

Partnership with Health

In a notable move that transcends the traditional boundaries of blockchain and finance, CoinW established a partnership with the Health sector. Details of this partnership point towards innovative possibilities at the intersection of blockchain and healthcare.

CryptoTalk with CoinW: Twitter Space Discussion on “Is the Bullrun Here

The discussion that began with “CryptoTalk with CoinW” continued with a Twitter Space session, diving deep into the question of whether the crypto market is experiencing a bull run. Participants explored market dynamics, trends, and emerging opportunities.

CoinW Halloween Trading Bonanza

As October drew to a close, CoinW celebrated Halloween with a “Trading Bonanza.” This event combined the spirit of festivity with opportunities for traders to engage and earn.

October was a month of growth, innovation, and community engagement for CoinW Exchange. These activities and initiatives reflect the exchange’s dedication to providing a dynamic and secure platform for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. As we move into November, the future holds promise for even more exciting developments and achievements.

CoinW Exchange is committed to keeping its community informed and empowered, and it looks forward to more groundbreaking moments in the crypto world. Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities as we continue to lead the way in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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