CoinW Africa: Leveraging Partnerships For Deepened Growth

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CoinW Africa: Leveraging Partnerships For Deepened Growth

Since its entrance into the African market in April 2022, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, CoinW operating as CoinW Africa in the African space, has attained tremendous growth in the African crypto market, extending the quality and secure financial services to the African market. CoinW has also garnered community strength and penetrated deeply into blockchain communities and institutions, including campuses, and has become a major digital asset custodian and competitive player in the African crypto market. To achieve these, CoinW has leveraged key partnerships to achieve its vision in the African continent.

Business partnerships contribute immensely to overall business success as partnerships contribute to boosting business presence in competitive markets and collaborations strengthen a business, providing access to more opportunities. Partnerships also increase your lease of expertise and resources available, to make better products and reach a greater audience, thereby increasing competitive advantage and customer base. Collaborations also increase geographical reach and build brand reputation and trust.

For CoinW Africa, partnerships and collaborations are key vehicles to accelerate growth, and expansion and achieve business goals. And during the course of CoinW Africa’s operation in the continent, the leading exchange has partnered with renowned institutions, brands, communities, and most importantly the people, its users, and promoters, to foster synergy and development.

At the beginning of CoinW’s operation in Africa, the brand partnered with MySignalsAPP, to host an AMA community event, and this collaboration boosted the brand awareness and social media presence of both brands. CoinW also partnered with charity organizations for the CoinW International Welfare program, and the exchange of donated relief materials, food, and drugs to charity organizations in Nigeria. CoinW Africa, also partnered with crypto investors and traders in Africa to sensitize community members on the best ways to navigate the bear market. It also held a KOL Round table discussion on safer investments, portfolio diversification, risk management, and lots more.

CoinW also collaborated with the Explore Africa Foundation and had its African angels and team pitch CoinW Africa to a wide audience. This was a good move towards increasing brand awareness. CoinW also attended major events like the Bole Festival held in Port Harcourt Nigeria, where representatives also promoted CoinW amongst attendees. New users were onboarded and got trading bonuses in USDT, to start their trading journey with CoinW.

CoinW Africa also collaborated with the CryptoFest 2022, which was held in South Africa. The exchange featured in the event with its team and angels, including CoinW South African representatives. CoinW Africa also had a booth in the event and was able to have users experience the CoinW trading app first hand. We also educated visitors about the potentials of cryptocurrencies and the benefits of trading with the CoinW Trading App. Participating at the CryptoFest South Africa, was a key strategy in our entrance into the South African Market, and we have maintained a consistent campaign in the South African market till date.

VIP Event in Abuja, Nigeria

A key milestone for the brand in the African space was the launch of the CoinW Global Partnership Programme. The partnership program was a global partnership program to onboard CoinW users into the core business of the exchange. This partnership program was grounded in the African market and that translated to an increased business development effort in the continent.

The partnership program became scalable and broadened; global partners were regrouped into regions and became regional partners for their respective regions. Hence, CoinW launched the CoinW Regional Partnership Programme across all regions in the Q4 of 2022. This partnership is a synergy between CoinW and merchants, cryptocurrency traders, KOLs and business developers. And to foster closer relationships with regional partners, CoinW launched the Regional VIP Day Event, which was held in different regions, which debuted in the capital city of Abuja, Nigeria. CoinW representatives and CoinW Head of Global Partnerships, Sonia Shaw, had physical interactions with the regional partners and they pledged their immense support and contribution in pushing the CoinW business forward. The Regional VIP Day Event was also held in South Africa and Nigeria.

VIP Event in Johnsburg, South Africa

The train never halted, CoinW Africa took the train to new stations, extending its reach to campus communities and blockchain groups. The leading exchange collaborated with crypto communities and blockchain groups in African universities, to host meetups, conferences, AMA sessions and other key events in their respective communities. Nigeria and Ghana had CoinW exploring and extending value to these communities.

Through partnerships, we have increased our brand awareness, reached new frontiers, and extended value to new audiences and markets. We are always ready, with our arms wide open to collaborate and partnering with individuals, blockchain projects, crypto communities, brands, institutions and more importantly our users; both old and new, to promote the CoinW vision; letting the wealth snowball roll from different angles.

Partnerships are good, but quality products are better, which is why CoinW will continue to provide its users with bespoke and excellent products that put users first and solve users’ needs efficiently.

Let’s collaborate, let’s build together, and let’s win more!

Since 5 years of operation as a global cryptocurrency exchange, CoinW has maintained its standard and role as a major promoter of wealth creation through viable assets and has consistently built relationships with its users. CoinW, has a total of 342 coins, and 366 trading pairs, having a rich category. CoinW has established a global presence, with Dubai as its center, 16 localized trading services, and centers around the world, to serve over 8 million users worldwide. CoinW offers diverse product options including spots, futures, ETF, earnings wallet, mining pools, and other innovative financial derivatives. At the same time, CoinW supports fiat-money trades in 42 countries around the world. Established CoinW Research, CoinW Ventures, Hyper Lab, and other institutions. Improving the layout of research, investment, and incubation of the entire industry chain.

CoinW operates a very open and transparent system that ensures investment security. Having obtained operation licenses such as the United States MSB Financial License, Singapore MAS license, SVGFSA license, other certificates, and authorizations from other countries and regions, it has consistently adhered to global trading standards and practices, ensuring transparency in transactions. The Exchange heavily clamps down on unethical trading practices on its exchange platform and freezes, suspends, or permanently closed accounts found to be operating against CoinW adopted the trading practice.

Additionally, CoinW has consistently maintained a highly secured trading platform and integrated an intelligent risk control system that undergoes upgrades from time to time. This system also upgrades a smoother user experience, seamless exchange and transaction experience, stable system performance, and faster transactions which have become consistent features of CoinW Exchange.

CoinW will continue to uphold the concept of “user first”, adhering to real and transparent operation standards, aggregating global high-quality blockchain assets, and devoting itself to building the most successful, secure, and convenient crypto exchange for global users.

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