CoinW African Angel Recruitment Restart Now!

2 min readNov 30, 2023

As part of the CoinW African market expansion plan, CoinW is thrilled to announce fresh recruitment for its Angels program. This will attract fresh energy and users to explore the CoinW World Class crypto exchange and opportunities within its community. Support from the African local community is on top gear, so the CoinW African Angel Recruitment Program is set to change the game!

This recruitment event is only available for the African native users, star traders. community leaders, and KOLs!

Schedule: 10:00 AM UTC, Nov. 30th, 2023–10:00 AM, Dec. 20th, 2023.

Application link

Benefits of the CoinW African Angel Program

Angels will receive competitive commission payment based on the contribution of the community and new valid users registered.

Angels of the programs will have the chance to become CoinW Affiliates in the African market.

As CoinW Affiliates, you will get the benefits stated below:

  • Earn high passive income daily.
  • Earn up to 70% rebate for a lifetime.
  • Right to upgrade the referrals as affiliates without a level limit.
  • Priority to get super bonuses, and Coin airdrops.
  • Official traffic support and exclusive gifts.

1. Promoters

  • Do you have a social media page and following?
  • Can you effectively promote CoinW products, visions, and community values?
  • Demonstrate your ability to contribute through reposting, tweeting and so much more.

2. Traders

  • Are you an active and experienced crypto trader?
  • Showcase your trading achievements and insights in the crypto space and CoinW community.

3. Affiliates

  • Do you have a network or following interested in cryptocurrency?
  • Demonstrate your ability to drive affiliate engagement and growth.

4. Crypto Community Owners:

  • Do you own or manage a crypto community?
  • Showcase your community’s engagement, growth, and relevance.
  • Collaborate with CoinW to foster a stronger crypto ecosystem.

Application and Information Review

Click on the link below to submit your application:

The CoinW African Team will review the applicant’s information within 3 working days. A team member will contact the applicant after the approval.

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