CoinW African Futures Trading Frenzy | Share 25,000 USDT Future Bonus Pool

2 min readMay 13, 2024

Join Us Now and Trade to Triumph

Gear up for an epic trading competition exclusively for our African users. Dive into the world of trading and get a chance to win from a massive 25,000 USDT Future Bonus Pool! Experience fierce competition, showcase your trading skills, and climb to the top of the leaderboard!


Open exclusively to CoinW users based in Africa. All African traders who meet the trading volume within the competition period are automatically enrolled.

Participants must have completed C2 KYC verification to qualify for rewards.

Competition Period

May 13th to 29th

Trading Criteria

Participants must trade in futures.


Reward Distribution

1. Top Traders Bonus

  • First Place: 500 USDT in futures bonus.
  • Second Place: 200 USDT in futures bonus.
  • Third Place: 100 USDT in futures bonus.

These rewards target the traders with the highest trading volume during the event.

The minimum trading volume to qualify for the competition is 100,000 USDT.

2. Volume Achievers Bonus

  • 15,000 USDT divided among the first 500 traders who reach the minimum qualifying volume of 100k USDT in futures trading.

This reward is designed to incentivize consistent high-volume trading among participants.

The minimum trading volume to qualify for the competition is 100,000 USDT.

3. First Trade Bonus

  • 10,000 USDT shared among users who make their first trade of at least 30 USDT during the competition.

Limited to the first 500 qualifying users.

This bonus encourages new and existing users to participate actively from the start of the competition.

Terms and Conditions

  • The rewards are exclusive to futures trading to emphasize its adoption and usage.
  • Traders’ ranks and eligibility for rewards are determined by their total trading volume only in futures contracts.
  • Rewards distribution will be executed within T+7 days after the competition concludes
  • Any attempts to manipulate trading volume (via wash trading, using multiple accounts, etc.) will result in disqualification and potential account freezing.

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