CoinW African Grand Depositors Gala to Share 7000USDT Bonus

2 min readSep 13, 2023


Glad to announce the CoinW Grand Depositors Gala event has started. This is a great opportunity to earn rewards for consistent deposits. With a total bonus of 7000USDT, you can participate in various bonus categories such as daily depositors reward, hourly high roller, day’s top depositor, top deposit champ, and CoinW titan.

Schedule: September 10th to October 10th

Daily Depositors Reward — Share 100USDT as a daily bonus

  • Complete primary KYC.
  • The first deposit value is over 50 USDT per day.
  • The first deposit after 0:00 AM (UTC+8) will be eligible.
  • The top 5 depositors for the day get to share in this bonus.

2. Hourly High Roller — Share 1000USDT with 200 users only by depositing higher than the previous hour

  • Complete primary KYC.
  • Deposit value over 50 USDT during the event time.
  • One trading order at least after the deposit.
  • Users out-deposit the previous hour’s base deposit within the same hour to be eligible for the bonus share.

3. Day’s Top Depositor — Share 1000USDT with 100 users by depositing more than the previous day

  • Complete primary KYC.
  • Accumulate deposits value over 120 USDT the current day.
  • Make at least one trading order after the deposit.
  • Out-deposit the previous day’s base to be eligible for a share of the day’s bonus.

4. Top Deposit Champ — 2000USDT bonus shared among top contributors

  • Complete the primary KYC.
  • Deposit 100 USDT or more during the event time.
  • Achieve a future trading order of at least 500 USDT after the deposit.
  • Only for the first 200 users.

5. CoinW Titan — Share an exclusive 1000USDT bonus amongst the top 50 deposit owners during the gaming period

  • Complete the primary KYC.
  • Accumulate a Deposit of over 500 USDT during the event time.
  • Record a minimum trading volume of at least 500 USDT after the deposit.

Please note

  • Any trading activity including spot trading, futures trading, and ETF trading will be considered.
  • All African users who deposit during the event will be automatically enrolled for participation.
  • Keep your deposits in any CoinW account for the duration of the event to secure your bonus.
  • Withdrawal will disqualify your bonus.
  • Each participant can only win a bonus once at this event.

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