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CoinW Africa announces a new event and this event will run for a while. Members can participate by trading on Coinw using their own accounts. The challenge will be to earn the highest profit percentage during the event since there will be experts help you to analyze the market and educate you the trading skills. However, if a member incurs a loss during the week, we will provide them with compensation.


All members of the community are eligible to participate in the event.

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Aug 29th to Sept 12th


  1. Members must trade on Coinw using their own accounts.
  2. Members must trade during the event period which is from Aug 29th to Sept 12th.
  3. Members can only participate with one account.
  4. Participants should be members of the group have CoinW account and submit the form:

Rewards|10,000USDT Future Bonus + 5,000USDT Compensation for Trading Loss

5,000USDT Future Bonus for Trading Loss

  1. All participants should complete a total trading volume around 5USDT to 5.1 USDT.
  2. If a member incurs a loss at any order during the event period, you will get a 5 USDT future bonus.

5,000USDT Compensation for Trading Loss

  1. If a member completes over 10USDT trading volume and also incurs a loss at any order over 5 USDT during the event period, they will be compensated with a 5 USDT airdrop.
  2. The compensation is only for the first 1,000 members who complete the trading first.

Note: The trading loss will be calculated as the formula: amount for closed order — amount for opening the order.

5,000USDT Future Bonus for Trade Competition King

Any member who submits the UID on the above and trade futures can participate in the trading competition.

Bonus for Top 10 of Daily Trading

Top 10 traders who can share 200USDT futures bonus.

Bonus for Top 20 of Accumulated Trading Volume

The top 20 members who complete the most accumulated trading volume can get the bonus as follows:

1st Place: $100 Future bonus

2nd Place: $70 Future bonus

3rd Place: $50 Future bonus

4th to 20th share 510USDT future bonus pool.


We hope that this event will help members learn about trading strategies and also provide them with an opportunity to earn rewards. We encourage all members to participate and wish them good luck!

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