CoinW African Worker Reward Package|Win 10000USDT Airdrop by Few Clicks

3 min readSep 18, 2023


The news that Nigerian workers went on strike attracted our attention. We know there is a situation where the prices of goods and services are rising faster than people’s incomes, making it difficult for them to afford basic necessities.

To release the pressures of all workers in the African region, CoinW will provide 10,000USDT real money to help you guys overcome these difficult times.

You only need to stay at home and click a few times, and you can get the bonus and this bonus can be exchanged for the money to buy what you want.

Deadline: Oct 10th

Register now:

You can submit your UID in advance to win the bonus whether you are ready to participate in the event:

Let Your Friends Know This Good News to Share 2100USDT

  • Share your CoinW invitation link to invite your friends to get a CoinW account.
  • For every successful friend you invite to sign up for CoinW, you will get 3U.
  • Each user can only get 30USDT at most. Both you and your friends have to complete primary KYC, if not, the bonus should be 1.5USDT.
  • This bonus is only for 100 users who submit their info on the form.

Top Invitor Share 1000USDT

  • Each winner should have 10 new referrals at least during the event.
  • 60% of new referrals should complete the KYC and have 1 futures trading at least.
  • The top 20 users who get the most referrals and meet the above requirements can get 50USDT each.

Become New Registrations to Share 1000USDT

  • Register a new CoinW account during the event and complete primary KYC to get 2USDT.
  • The referrals of invitors in this event can share this bonus.
  • This bonus is only for the first 500 registrations who have registered a new CoinW account and completed the primary KYC.

Deposit and Share 1000USDT to Increase Your Money

  • Any new registrations who deposit over 50USDT can share 1000USDT.
  • At least a future trading order is required.
  • This bonus is only for the first 200 users who deposit.

Follow our trading experts to win 30USDT at least

  • Any new registrations who follow and subscribe to our experts can win 5USDT and this bonus is only for the first 200 users.
  • Follow our experts now:
  • Any new registrations who completes copy trading orders over 50USDT will win 5USDT and this bonus is only for the first 200 users.
  • Any new registrations who complete copy trading orders over 500USDT will win 15USDT and this bonus is only for the first 100 users.


  1. The bonus will be distributed within T+7 after the event ends.
  2. Any malicious behavior breaking the rules will be considered and the bonus will be canceled.
  3. CoinW reserves the right to disqualify any affiliate, or referral found engaging in fraudulent activities.
  4. Futures trading volume = margin *leverage

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