CoinW African Yearly Victor Event for Partners’ Audience | Up to 130USDT Future Bonus Each

2 min readNov 14, 2023


If you still do not start trading on CoinW now, you still have the chance to start with a big bonus!

Let’s start the journey!

If you want to become our partner, please check out the partner event here!

Schedule: Nov 14th to Jan 3rd

30 USDT Future Bonus Airdrop for Partners’ Referrals

  1. 30 USDT future bonus for partners’ referrals who have completed primary KYC yet. The bonus will airdropped to the CoinW account directly.

If you still do not know how to trade futures on CoinW, you can check your account and follow experts to make a profit.

Experts link:

  1. If you still want to get the bonus but have not completed KYC yet, please complete the KYC ASAP. We check it every 7 days and also send a 30 USDT future bonus.
  2. You’ll receive an email notification once the bonus has been transferred to your CoinW account.
  3. Only for 5000 users who complete the KYC later.

20USDT future bonus for referrals who complete the first future trading

  1. Complete the first future trading order during the event and the final trading volume should be over 50USDT and future bonus trading excludes.
  2. Primary KYC is required.
  3. Only for 1000 referrals who meet the requirements.

50USDT future bonus for referrals who have the Top 500 future trading volume

  1. Trade futures during the event and the final trading volume should be over 500USDT and future bonus trading is excluded.
  2. Primary KYC is required.
  3. Only 500 referrals meet the requirements.

30USDT future bonus for new invitations

  1. Invite over 5 friends to get a 30USDT future bonus.
  2. 3 invitees at least should complete the primary KYC.
  3. Only for the first 500 referrals who meet the requirements.


  1. This event is exclusive to CoinW African partners and their referrals.
  2. Only the direct referrals of partners and their trading volume will be calculated in this event.
  3. The final reward will be distributed within T +7 days after the event ends.

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