CoinW Christmas and New Year Carnival for African market Phase 1

CoinW Christmas and New Year Carnival for the African market

Gift 1 for Christmas and New Year: Make Profit When You Spend Holiday By Staking Your Assets

Complete the following requirements you will get the 5USDT coupon

  1. Stake any kind of assets on during the event.
  2. The total value of the staking assets should be over 50 USDT.
  3. Participants who stake the assets during the event will be regarded as joining.
  4. The coupon only serves the first 1000 African users!

Gift 2 for Christmas and New Year:10,000 USDT Futures Bonus Reward for Invitations and Trading

Participate via the link

Submit your CoinW UID

Bonus for New Registration

  1. New users who join the African community and register a CoinW account will be eligible to win a 3 USDT future bonus.
  2. New users can win a 3 USDT future bonus by completing the first trading on CoinW.
  3. New users can win a 2 USDT futures bonus after the first trading by completing the trading volume above 100 USDT each day during the event.

Bonus for Registered Users Before Event

  1. The registered users can get a 2 USDT future bonus daily by completing a trading volume above 100 USDT during the event.

TOP Accumulated Trading Volume Reward

  1. 1000U Future bonus for the Top 20 inviters who get the most referrals during the event.
  2. 1000U Future bonus for the Top 20 futures traders who have completed the most futures trading volume during the event.
  3. The top futures traders who complete the highest futures trading volume each day will win a 20 USDT Future bonus.
  • Futures Trading volume calculation formula = margin * leverage.
  • Users who have registered before (pending date) will be regarded as Registered Users at this event.
  • TOP Accumulated Trading Volume Reward will be valid for both new users and registered users.
  • The final interpretation of the activity belongs to CoinW, if you have any questions, please contact CoinW customer service for consultation.

Gift 3 for Christmas and New Year:1000USDT Bouns for P2P Merchants and Traders


Once the African user makes a P2P order on the CoinW during the event, it will regard that you participate in the P2P event.

Bonus for Merchant

For those who have become our merchant

1 USDT bonus for each buying or selling order


  • This offer is only for African P2P merchants;
  • The merchant should complete at least 5 orders;
  • The total bonus is capped at 30 USDT during the event.

5USDT additional bonus


  • The merchant who can complete 40 orders during the event can get 5 USDT bonus additionally;
  • 200 USDT bonus is in total for this bonus pool;
  • First come, first served.

For those who want to become our merchant

  1. Apply to be our merchant:
  2. Education and training to be the merchant;
  3. The 10 USDT future bonus for each, and only for the first 20 participants.

Bonus for P2P Users

1USDT Bonus for Each P2P Trading


  • During the event, users will be rewarded 1 USDT when the p2p orders exceed 50 USDT.
  • Each UID can only participate 10 times during the event
  • Only the first 100 users are qualified for rewards.

200USDT Bonus for Top 10 P2P Traders


  • Compete over 100USDT total value of the selling or buying orders during the event;
  • Complete 2 selling or buying orders, at least.


  1. All bonuses will be distributed within T+7 days after the event ends.
  2. All bonuses in this event can be accumulated if you join the event and follow the responding rules.

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