CoinW Exclusive 10,000USDT Bonus for African Partners’ Followers II And Exclusive Benefits for the Best Partners

6 min readJan 31, 2023
CoinW Exclusive 10,000USDT Bonus for African Partners’ Followers II And Exclusive Benefits for the Best Partners

Race to Be Top 5 Partners to Get Multiple Benefits From CoinW

CoinW’s huge boost campaign is a long and promising one. All our partners’ efforts offer huge advantages on and off the pitch. At CoinW, we strive to provide a wide variety of strategies and ways to help our partners take advantage of the opportunities presented in the way best suited for them.

In support of our partners, Coin is organizing an online event “Exclusive 10,000USDT Bonus for African Partners’ Followers”. Although dozens of our partners have participated in the event before, we believe our partners deserve even more rewards and support!

Part I 10,000USDT Bonus for African Partners’ Followers II

Partner Submission Deadline: Feb 21st

How Partner Participate

Submit your UID if you are an existing partner:

Submit your info if you are eager to become our partner and share the opportunity with your friends and get more official support from CoinW:

How Your Referrals Share the Bonus

Your referrals will get a 5 USDT bonus each by following a few steps during the event as follows:

  1. Have a CoinW account registered via the partner’s link.
  2. The net deposit should be over 50 USDT during the event.
  3. Qualification requirement (Net Deposit) for 1 month in CoinW
  4. Complete at least 1 trade transaction.

The bonus is only for the first 1000 referrals of the partners, so all African partners don’t miss the chance of helping your referrals win the bonus!

1000 USDT Additional Future Bonus for Traders

The top 20 referrals in cumulative trading volume during the event will be eligible to share an additional 1000 USDT futures bonus.


  1. This event is only for African Partners. Each partner will have a different agenda related to this event.
  2. The total futures trading volume will determine the winner list during the event.
  3. The Final Net Deposit will be calculated starting from the date you submitted your UID until the end of the event. The calculation duration for each participant is 21 days.
  4. If you have submitted the Partner application, our African BD team will contact you within 3 days. Please remember to check the message via the social media account you have submitted in your application.
  5. Ensure the information you filled in is accurate or you will miss the chance to win.

Poster Support for Partners

We will also provide supporting posters for our partners from any African country. You can download the poster and edit the basic information, then use it as promotional material on your social media channels.

Poster for Nigerian Partners

Poster for South African Partners

Poster for Kenyan Partners

Poster for Ghana Partners

Poster for Uganda Partners

Poster for Cameroon partners

Let’s check what CoinW African Team can do for you!

Part 2: Race to Be Top 5 African Partners and Get Bonus and Big Support

The more net deposit your referrals have completed, the more benefits you will get! So invite your referrals to join the event and race to be top 5 to get multiple benefits from CoinW!

Reward and Rules

Bonus 1. 10% of the total net deposit of your referrals based on the part 1 event

Rules: 1) At least 5 of your referrals have met the rules of Part 1 Events

2) The total net deposit of your referrals should be over 1,000USDT

3)First 10% partners meeting the conditions can get the bonus.

Bonus 2. 2% to 5% Additional Bonus Based on Bonus 1

Rules: 1) Partners whose total net deposit of referrals is over 100,000 USDT will get an additional 2% additional bonus on the total net deposit of referrals during the Part 1 Event period.

2)Partners whose total net deposit of referrals is over 1,000,000 USDT, will get an additional 5% additional bonus on the total net deposit of referrals the during the Part 1 Event period.


1. All winners of bonus 2 should also meet the requirements of bonus 1.

2. Bonus 1 and Bonus 2 can be accumulated.

Bonus 3. CoinW African Official Support

The top 5 Partners will get priority to receive overall support from CoinW African Official Team. The support will focus on helping attract followers and widening your own channels and reputation, including but unlimited to the following benefits:

  1. Privilege to get budget support for exclusive offline events.
  2. Privilege to get exposure on all CoinW official channels and CoinW African channels.
  3. Privilege to get online events support including a budget, event organizing, and promotion on all channels
  4. Exclusive channels, communities, and events promoted by CoinW Angel team, Ambassador team, Creator Alliance, KOLs, channels, and communities for increasing the number of fans
  5. Official AMA, Twitter Space, or live stream support and Airdrop events.

Bonus Distribution

  1. All bonuses will be settled after the Partner event ends.
  2. Bonus will be distributed after Feb 3rd(Based on the final submission or cutoff date of the partners).
  3. For Bonus 3, CoinW African Team will discuss and will notify you after the event ends.

Supporting Samples

Online Event Support:

Offline Event Promotion(Ending):

CoinW African Community Promotion

Twitter: (Ending) (On Event)



CoinW Official Community Promotion

Twitter: (Ending)


Youtube Video Promotion:

Angel Promotion

20+ Angels will help you to promote your event on various social media pages; Twitter, Facebook, and other Telegram communities.

Campus Ambassadorial Promotion

20+ Campus ambassadors will help promote your events or channels on Twitter, Facebook, and other Telegram communities. You will have the chance to be our guests at our Campus ambassador offline events.

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