CoinW Organizes Crypto Trading Seminar For Ghanaian Users And Opened The 31000 USDT Future Bonus!

As part of CoinW’s expansion drive, the leading cryptocurrency and digital exchange, CoinW, organized its first ever offline event on Dec 2nd, 2022, in Royal Nick Hotel, Tema community in Ghana, which was hosted by CoinW partner, Michael Agbeka and themed “How to make a profitable crypto trading on the fluctuating market”.

The event had 350+ attendees who came from all regions of the Tema community, to learn about what it takes to be a profitable trader.

The event saw attendees from different age groups and had a good number of elderly attendees, who appreciate the potential of the digital economy. Our partner, Michael Agbaka, also gave an introductory class to crypto trading, the Spot and Futures ecosystem, as well as an exposition of the CoinW network, products and services. Opportunities were presented to attendees to ask questions concerning their trading experience and the CoinW offerings. New users were also onboarded to the CoinW platform and were equally assisted by the Ghanaian team to sign-up and navigate the app easily.

To mark the first ever offline crypto trading seminar in Ghana, a prize pool of 31000 USDT was launched for Ghanaian users to benefit from, after they complete certain tasks.

Ghanaian users attending the events and confirming their attendance with the team members will be eligible for a 10 USDT futures bonus.

Participate now:

Ghana is a new benchmark for CoinW driving more activity and users. CoinW also organizes online events for all users, whether they join the event or can’t attend.

Since 5 years of operation as a global cryptocurrency exchange, CoinW has maintained its standard and role as a major promoter of wealth creation through viable assets and has consistently built relationships with its users. In the meantime, CoinW, has a total of 342 coins, and 366 trading pairs, having a rich category. CoinW, has established a global presence, with Dubai as its center, 16 localized trading services, and centers around the world, to serve over 8 million users worldwide. CoinW strongly believes in synergy and welcomes all to be part of its mission and believes that together, a better financial future can be created.

About CoinW

CoinW Exchange is a world-class integrated trading platform that supports spot and futures trading with more than 7 million users worldwide with its community growing in different parts of the world.

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World Leading Digital Trading Platform. Africa Exclusive Medium Channel.