CoinW Sponsored Signal For All (SFA) Trading Competition — Unleash Your Trading Skills and Win Big!

4 min readAug 1, 2023


12,000USDT Airdrop Bonus + 10,000USDT Future Bonus + Free SFA VIP Crypto Signal Channel Subscription

Calling all traders, big and small! Join us for an exhilarating event filled with exciting rewards and huge opportunities. While we understand that not everyone can compete solely based on trading volume, we are here to make sure everyone has a chance to win!

During the SFA Trading Competition, we are offering special bonuses exclusively for users who deposit $50 and above. So, regardless of trading volume, you can qualify for additional rewards and boost your chances of success.

Duration: July 31st to August 30th, 30 days of intense trading action.


1 . Fully Automated AI indicator’s futures signals.

2. 2- 4 signals Daily

3. Copy trading supported within CoinW Exchange .

4. 90% Accuracy

5. Personal support from SFA group and CoinW team.

6. Real-time updates for BTC and crypto Market TA.

Free SFA VIP Channel Subscription + 2,000USDT Airdrop Bonus Exclusive for SFA Community Members

Start the Journey with SFA Community with 5USDT Bonus Each

This bonus is only for the first 400 users who register directly via SFA CoinW referral link, first come, first served.

1. Register via the SFA CoinW referral link:

3. Complete primary KYC

4. Deposit 50USDT or above

5. Submit your information here,

6. After you complete all steps, you will receive the bonus after this event ends and will be invited to receive a Free Subscription of SFA VIP Signal Channels.

7. After completing the above steps send a message to SFA Telegram Admin to get the instructions on how to get a free subscription to our VIP channels

10000USDT Future Bonus Pool for Inviting Your Friends

To take this competition to the next level, we are introducing an amazing Referral Program. Invite new users to join the competition.

Get a Bonus by Inviting Your Friends

This bonus is only for users who register an account directly by SFA CoinW referral link.

1. Once you register via the SFA CoinW referral link, you can start to invite via your CoinW referral link.

2. You can get a 20USDT future bonus for each referral during events and the referrals should complete primary KYC.

3. You can get an additional 20USDT future bonus for completing over 50USDT deposits by referrals during the events and the referrals should complete primary KYC.

4. You can get an additional 30USDT future bonus for inviting over 5 referrals and all referrals should complete primary KYC.

Win a Referral Bonus by Registering CoinW Account

This bonus is only for the referrals of the above users.

1. Users who register an account via the investor’s referrals link can get a 10USDT future bonus and primary KYC is required.

2. Users who complete over 50USDT deposits can get an additional 10USDT future bonus and primary KYC required.


1. Bonuses will be credited to the affiliate’s CoinW account within t+7 business days after the event ends.

2. CoinW reserves the right to disqualify any affiliate, or referral found engaging in fraudulent activities.

3. Futures trading volume = margin *leverage

Become Tier 1 Sub-Affliate of SFA Team and earn up to 55% Rebates!

Are you a trailblazer in the world of crypto with an extensive network of connections or a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts? Signal For All (SFA) is thrilled to invite you to our exclusive Tier 1 Sub-Affiliate program, designed to reward individuals and communities with strong and vast contacts in their country.

10,000USDT Airdrop Bonus for Futures Trading King

For those seeking a thrilling challenge, we have set up trading volume tiers with enticing airdrop rewards for qualifying users who reach specific milestones:

● $30,000 futures trading volume: Win $40 Airdrop Rewards

● $50,000 futures trading volume: Win $60 Airdrop Rewards

● $70,000 futures trading volume: Win $80 Airdrop Rewards

● $80,000 futures trading volume: Win $100 Airdrop Rewards

We understand that big traders bring massive excitement to the competition. While we are unable to increase the rewards and trading volume from our side, we assure you that the competition will be fiercely competitive and rewarding.

Ready to embark on an extraordinary trading journey with SFA?

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to challenge yourself, win amazing rewards, and connect with a vibrant community of traders.

Mark your calendars and get ready to trade like never before. The SFA Trading Competition awaits you!

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