CoinWAfrica Fixed Payment Cooperation with African KOLs/Influential/Community

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CoinWAfrica Fixed Payment Cooperation with African KOLs/Influential/Community

CoinW is looking to revolutionize the way brands and influencers interact. We are currently searching for African influencers who can help us draw more attention to our brand. We will also explore the benefits of being a CoinW community manager. If you are interested in assisting us in spreading the word about our brand, then this post is for you!

Joining CoinW also gives you an opportunity to connect with other influencers who can help promote our brand in ways never before possible. Finally, as part of the CoinW community, you’ll receive incentives for collaborating with us — making it an extremely lucrative proposition indeed!

Join Us and Grow African Influence for CoinW

Influencer marketing is a growing trend in the African market, and it has the potential to reach a vast audience. That’s the reason why we invite more influencers to join us and make brilliant success together!

Schedule: the first round: Mar 21st to Apr 4th

Application form:

Be A CoinW Long-time Cooperator

As a CoinW Long-time Cooperator, you may need to meet the following conditions, then we will select someone who meets our conditions.

All applicants should meet the following conditions

Requirement of Followers

  1. African followers on Twitter or Instagram should be over 20,000
  2. LinkedIn African connections should be over 1000
  3. For community owners, the group’s members must have more than 5000 followers. The community may be a WhatsApp group or a Telegram group.

Requirement of Interactions

  1. 70% of content on social channels should be originally created by the owner.
  2. The interaction data of each post should be over 10 retweets and like on Twitter, and other platforms as well.

We will decide on the specific promotion proposal on the data of your channels, including the engagements, interaction data, and so on.

The cooperation’s framework

  1. Time-based promotions and payment
  2. The monthly payment for long-term promotion collaboration

The team will discuss and decide on the final cooperation plan according to your all data.

Be a long-term partner of CoinW and make more achievements with CoinW now!

Welcome to invite your friends to join the program!

About CoinW

CoinW Exchange is a world-class integrated trading platform that supports spot and futures trading with more than 7 million users worldwide with its community growing in different parts of the world.

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