CoinW’s Mega Airdrop|20000USDT Future Bonus Pool

3 min readFeb 28, 2024

To captivate the African crypto community, CoinW is launching a spectacular airdrop campaign designed to reward both new and existing users with an array of bonuses aimed at enhancing their trading experience. Here’s a tantalizing glimpse of what awaits:

We have airdropped a bonus to your CoinW account, please check now and use it for trading!

Check now:

Deadline: Mar 13th

Newcomers’ Bonanza: 20USDT Future Bonus + Additional 20 USDT Future Bonus

Register with CoinW and begin your trading journey to earn a handsome future bonus of 20 USDT.

Energize your trading by staying active for at least 3 days during the event and secure an additional 20 USDT future bonus as a show of our appreciation.

Maintain your trading momentum over 5 days within the event to claim a further 20 USDT future bonus reward, summing up a thrilling 40 USDT future bonus exclusively for our new members.

Revival Rewards: 20USDT Future Bonus + Additional 20 USDT Future Bonus

Members who’ve registered but haven’t yet traded or deposited are airdroped 20USDT future bonus!

Reactivate your journey with us by undertaking your inaugural trade or deposit during the event to enjoy an additional 20 USDT future bonus.

Loyalty Incentive: 30USDT Future Bonus + Additional 20 USDT Future Bonus

Loyal traders who continue their trading stride for at least 3 days before the event will get 30USDT future bonus.

Continue your trading streak through 5 days during the event and embrace an additional 20 USDT future bonus as a gesture of our gratitude for your steadfast engagement.

Consistent Trader’s Triumph:10USDT Future Bonus + Additional 20 USDT Future Bonus

For those who haven’t traded in 7 days, place any trade during the event and receive a 10 USDT future bonus,

Followed by another additional 20 USDT future bonus reward if you continue trading over the next 5 days.

Voluminous Victory: Additional 30 USDT Future Bonus

Accelerate your trading with us during the event to hit a whopping 2000 USDT in accumulated trading volume, or gather 500 USDT in accumulated deposits while executing at least one trade order, and relish in an additional 30 USDT future bonus.

Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for these phenomenal bonuses, complete your C2 KYC verification. This step ensures a secure trading environment for all.
  • Airdrops will announce their presence in your account before the event commences, ensuring you’re fully empowered to maximize your trading potential from the get-go. Expect an official notification from CoinW via email.
  • Additional bonuses will make their way to you within 7 days after the campaign concludes, giving you more reasons to celebrate your achievements.
  • Embrace the airdrops swiftly, as they bear a validity of 7 days from the drop date, keeping your trading journey laden with opportunities.
  • Any spot, ETH, and future trading will be eligible for the event.

This entrancing event isn’t just a mere boost to your trading arsenal; it’s a celebration of our commitment to fostering growth within the African crypto space. CoinW is poised to imbue your trading with extra momentum, propelling you towards the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. Don’t let this chance slip away — engage with CoinW and amplify your trading prowess!

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