Follow Experts to Realize High APY and Share $17,5000 Bonus Pool, Safe Trade with $20,000 Future Bonus Compensation

3 min readAug 23, 2023


Let’s embrace the empowering opportunity to transform your financial game with exciting trading benefits and sustainable, passive income streams. Our exclusive event, designed specifically for our esteemed African users, is here to pave the way for unprecedented monetary gains.

Make trading with lucrative benefits and passive income a reality.

Featuring low costs and high APY, it’s an event tailored for our African users!

Deadline: Sept 15th

Bonus for African Users: Trade any Copy Trading to Share 10,000USDT

  • Users who complete copy-trading tasks and accomplish one copy trading bring in a 5 USDT bonus.

Follow Our Copy Trading Experts:

  • Completing a net deposit of more than 100 USDT along with one copy trading will receive a 10 USDT bonus.
  • Users whose aggregate copy-trading volume hits or exceeds 3,00USDT during the event will be rewarded with a 20 USDT bonus.
  • All bonuses all only for the first 500 African users, first come, first serve.

Safe Copy-trading: Full Compensation for Any Liquidation

CoinW will offer complete subsidies in the form of a 500 USDT maximum future bonus if a liquidation incident happens during the event for new copy traders. 20,000USDT future bonus pool is ready for this event.

  • Click here to view the About Super Bonus;
  • The subsidy will be issued in the form of a Super Bonus, with a minimum face value of 50 USDT per contract and a maximum face value of 100 USDT per contract;
  • The minimum liquidation amount is 50 USDT;
  • Subsidy rules: if 50 USDT≤ liquidation amount <100 USDT, a subsidy of 50 USDT future bonus will be given; if 100 USDT≤ liquidation amount <150 USDT, a subsidy of 100 USDT future bonus will be given, and so on;
  • The validity period of each Super Bonus is 30 days. If multiple Super Bonuses are held simultaneously, the validity period will be based on the actual period indicated on the contract.

Additional Instructions

  • Keep your new copy trading active until the end of the event to get rewards and only for users who follow our copy-trading expert.
  • Users are individuals without any copy trading history before this event. Repeating a copy trade after canceling isn’t eligible for rewards during the event.
  • Rewards will be distributed within T+7 days post-event.
  • Futures trading volume equals position value (number of contracts * face value * price).
  • For fair practices, CoinW strictly forbids malicious activities. If participants are found violating normal operations, their accounts may be frozen and rewards may be canceled.
  • CoinW reserves the sole right to interpret the final rules of this event. For any queries or issues, please contact CoinW’s customer service.

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