Join Us at CoinW Cameroon Seminar Online to share 10,000USDT Future Bonus Pool!

3 min readNov 27, 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended the CoinW seminar in Cameroon on November 25th, 2023! We hope you had a valuable and insightful experience exploring the world of cryptocurrency and discovering new investment opportunities.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our esteemed speakers, panelists, and participants for making this event a success. Your enthusiasm and passion for cryptocurrency made this seminar truly special.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Keep exploring the world of cryptocurrency, stay updated with the latest trends, and continue to make smart investment decisions.

Thank you once again for being a part of this unforgettable seminar!

CoinW also prepares online events for all Cameroon users to invite more users with the same-minded!

Event schedule: Nov 27rd to Dec 11th

Bonus rules

Register and submit your info to claim a 30USDT futures bonus!

Only for the first 200 users who register via the following link!

Register now via the any links:

Complete a net deposit over 50USDT to claim 20USDT future bonus during the event!

Only for the first 100 users who deposit!

Trade at least 1 future order to claim 20USDT future bonus

Trading volume should be over 50USDT during the event! Only for the first 100 users who trade!

Follow copy trading now:

50USDT future bonus for referrals who have the Top 50 future trading volume

  1. Trade futures during the event and the final trading volume should be over 300USDT and future bonus trading is excluded.
  2. Primary KYC is required.
  3. Only the first 50 referrals meet the requirements.

30USDT future bonus for new invitations

  1. Invite over 5 friends to get a 30USDT future bonus.
  2. 3 invitees at least should complete the primary KYC.
  3. Only for the first 100 referrals who meet the requirements.


1. Primary KYC is required for all bonuses.

2. This event is exclusive to CoinW African users.

3. The final reward will be distributed within T +7 days after the event ends.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with the cryptocurrency community in Cameroon. We look forward to seeing you at the CoinW Cameroon Seminar!

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