Trade Any, Win Real Money to Share 12000USDT Bonus Pool | Only for African Users

2 min readApr 8, 2024

CoinW welcomes all African users to participate in the exciting Bull Market Trading Competition, offering lucrative bonus pools —12000 USDT real USDT to enhance trading profitability. Seize the opportunity to boost your trading potential and earn real USDT rewards to cover your initial trading costs.

Trade smart, maximize your profits, and enjoy the benefits of the Bull Market Trading Competition brought to you by CoinW. Take advantage of the bullish market trend to elevate your trading journey and secure real USDT rewards that enhance your trading ventures. Trade to win and let CoinW support your success in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

- Deadline: April 25th

Bonus Pools Tailored for African Traders:

1. Primary Trading Volume Bonus Pool (2000 USDT)

  • Trading volume below 5000 USDT
  • Complete primary KYC during the event.
  • Achieve over 300 USDT in combined spot and futures trading volume.
  • Top 200 participants eligible to share the bonus pool.

2. Super Trading Volume Pool: 3000 USDT

  • Trading volume below 5000 USDT
  • Complete primary KYC.
  • Achieve over 2000 USDT trading volume.
  • The top 200 participants share the pool.

3. Gaint Trading Volume Pool: 5000 USDT

  • Complete primary KYC.
  • Reach over 10,000 USDT in combined spot and futures trading volume.
  • The top 200 participants can share the bonus pool.

4. The Best Trader Bonus Pool:2000 USDT

  • The top 20 traders with the highest trading volume can share the bonus.
  • Winners must complete primary KYC during the event.

Important Factors

  • All spot and futures trading volumes will be considered for the event’s calculations.
  • Participation is automatic upon trading, giving every trader a chance to win in this exhilarating competition.
  • All bonuses will be distributed within T+7 days after the event ends.

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