Unleash the Fun with Africa Bonus Bonanza to Share 1000USDT Airdrop + 8000USDT Future Bonus

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Exclusive for African Users

Join the Africa Bonus Bonanza event to receive exciting bonuses and enhance your trading experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional rewards while exploring the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Schedule: Sept 16th to Oct 10th

Share 2000 USDT Future Bonus for New Registrations

The first 100 new registrants will receive a 20 USDT future bonus each.

  • Register through any of the provided links:
  • Complete the primary KYC.

Share 5000 USDT Future Bonus for Deposits

The first 250 users who deposit over 40 USDT during the event will receive a 20 USDT future bonus each.

  • Complete the primary KYC.
  • Trade futures immediately after depositing.

Follow Experts to Share a 1000 USD Future Bonus

The first 50 users who follow and subscribe to our experts during the event and complete a copy trading over 50 USDT can receive a 20 USDT future bonus.

Become the Trading KING to Share 1000 USDT Bonus

The futures trading king of this competition will share the 1000 USDT bonus pool on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Achieve a trading volume of 10,000 USDT and obtain a 12 USDT bonus.
  • Reach a trading volume of 30,000 USDT and unlock a 40 USDT bonus.
  • Aim for a trading volume of 50,000 USDT to enjoy a generous bonus of 60 USDT.


  1. All individuals or teams should submit their info on the form.
  2. Bonuses will be credited to the CoinW account within t+7 business days after the event ends.
  3. CoinW reserves the right to disqualify any affiliate, or referral found engaging in fraudulent activities.
  4. Futures trading volume = margin *leverage

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